Embrace Your Authentic Beauty:

Reinvent Your Style

Learn how to put

your outfits together

and accessorize.


In an online class setting,

you will learn to

Embrace Your Authentic Beauty

and become your own stylist.

Do you know what to wear

to the important meetings

in your life?


90% of communication is nonverbal.

Learn how to create a strong visual impact

that empowers your intention. Bring outfits each week

to practice delivering your message and your vision.


  • Learn to paint your skin pigment and see first-hand

    the sacred relationship of your hair, skin and eyes.

  • Visit a museum and recognize your own palette

    in great works of art.

  • Create your own mini-essence boards, focusing on

    your colors of intimacy, relationship and balance.

  • Style new outfits from your existing clothing

    in a new and masterful way.


Create a work of art

that captures your essence

  • Jennifer selects 10 to 20 pictures from her library

    of thousands of images for each of 11 categories

    (romance, humor, support, drama, etc.) just for you.

  • Classmates work together to choose the most

    appropriate images and words to express the

    qualities of each participant.

  • Each student creates a collage full of meaning

    that is a true “soul-expression.”

  • The result is a stunning frame-worthy work of art.



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