Embrace Your

Authentic Beauty:

Reinvent Your Style

Embrace Your Authentic Beauty

answers 3 fundamental questions: 

  • How can I show up powerfully in the world? 

  • How can I build inner confidence? 

  • How do I learn to trust myself?  

In seven engaging video modules, color and style guru Jennifer Butler shares the secrets to magnetic personal style. You'll know what public speakers, coaches, entrepreneurs, and celebrities have paid thousands of dollars to learn. Throughout the online course Jennifer teaches key principles, provides lots of visuals, and guides you through exercises to help you Reinvent Your Style!


 The Secret Power of Contrast

Contrast makes you seen. You’ll learn

which formal, semi-formal and casual combinations are right for you. 


The Secret Power of Texture

You’ll learn how the right textures can make your outfits come alive, and how to create excitement through fabric and accessory combinations. 


The Secret Power of Complexity

How busy or simple does your outfit

need to be? You'll explore the

right level of complexity that creates congruence and inspiration.  


The Secret Power of

Proportion and Scale

Learn what are the best sizes

for investment pieces like

handbags, briefcases, watches,

belts, jewelry, and eyewear.

These are the pieces that make

the biggest difference in your wardrobe!


The Secret Power of Geometry

Learn your Sacred Geometry!
If you are going to invest in a sweater, jacket, shirt, dress, or suit, geometry

applies to which neckline and accessories

are best for you. Knowing the right

geometry can save you a fortune! 


The Secret Power of

Visual Weight

Perhaps the most misunderstood,

this principle is different

for every season, and

for every person in that season.

Learn how visual weight applies to you. 


The Secret Power of

Print Design

Prints are a crucial accent in your wardrobe and an area of great

uncertainty for everyone. Choosing

the right print is both art and science.

You’ll learn the secrets in this course. 

Here's what

Graduates are saying: 

"This is [the] most useful style information I have ever

received! I finally understand

and can apply this every day."

– Suzy

“I am an artist and thought

I knew the Principles of Design. And I did, but there

were so many things I loved

that were wrong for me.

Now I know, and I feel

beautiful and alive in a way

I never did before.”

– Sharon 

“This class was eye-opening.

I apply what I learned every day.  People approach me all the time

and tell me how

comfortable they feel with me.” 

– Ian